A Skeleton Home

A Pre-Fab Home

– You can build a year-round, as soon as possible on any type of soil, with minimal cost to the device base
– You can build in all regions, including the earthquake and where ground water comes very close to the surface (“on quicksand”)
– You can build arbitrarily complex of architectural design – and at the same meet with a very modest amount
– Can be built without using expensive and bulky equipment – this is especially valuable where the entrance to the building site for any reason is difficult
– Finally, you can build with pleasure! After all, the walls and ceilings are obtained perfectly smooth and easy finish. And all communications are easy to hide behind the inner lining of plasterboard.

So what is this miracle is – frame house? His foundation, the main constituent element, is a wooden frame. Requirements for the materials used for its construction, it is very hard – the tree should be well dried and carefully crafted protective (preventing rotting or insect damage, and fire) means.

The location of individual elements of the framework – the vertical posts, horizontal beams and increase the stiffness of struts – is determined at the stage of architectural drafting. As a general rule, any such project provides the opportunity build on another floor in the future – say, when it will means – frame construction of the building to withstand the additional load.

Between the racks of finished carcass reinforcing sheets of insulation – usually mineral wool. Even with a small thickness of the insulation (the norm – 125mm) in frame house provided comfortable accommodation, even in severe winters – and all due to the fact that the walls are sheathed in addition outside and inside. First frame of a heater tied up with the film, preventing moisture from entering the already erected structure.

Then the outside is sheathed with plywood WBP mark (if the house is finished siding) or water-resistant fiberboard, or (if you intend to continue to plaster the house) – cement-bonded boards. The inner lining is done using MDF. It is important to remember that not all manufacturers produce fiberboard materials are safe for health – if you use low-quality (non-certified, unlawful for use in Russia), adhesives and varnishes – the environment of your home is under threat. Therefore, the choice for the fiberboard sheathing should be given priority – depends on it too much!

It is understood that the inner and outer cladding does not bear any functional load (strength of the building provides an exceptionally frame), so you should not choose a thicker MDF or plywood, thinking that this would increase the reliability of your home. Suffice it to follow the standards, and remember – timber frame houses, despite the speed and ease of erection, are reliable and able to serve at least 70 years old, and in some cases – up to 150!

In an age when mobility is increased many times over such a period of “life” at home is the best. And the price of timber frame houses makes them available not only for the middle class, but for crawling for honeymooners, pensioners, families with many children and other categories of citizens who need social support from the government. Today the square meter house built on frame technology, costs in the sum of 10,000 rubles.

The increase in the price depends on such “frills” as a custom project, expensive interior trim, attic floor, etc. This makes the frame houses of interest to people with different incomes – those with little money, choose a model project of modest one-story house area, and those who can afford something more – erect two storey mansion with an attic that looks absolutely indistinguishable from the brick plastered cottage neighbors, but it stands almost five times cheaper!

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