Tips to Successfully Sell Your Home in the Fall and Winter Months

Although the temperature is dropping, that doesn’t mean the real estate market has cooled down! Many people wait for spring and summer to sell their property; however, fall and winter could be the best time to do so. There are usually fewer properties available, which gives you the chance to stand out. Buyers are also more likely to spend their day looking at houses in cooler months. Here are some tips to successfully sell your home in these colder months!

Maintain Curb Appeal

It’s obvious that fall and winter are gorgeous seasons but your yard can quickly become messy with all the beautiful leaves and snowfalls. Keep your landscape clean and tidy throughout the year by trimming fallen branches, raking leaves, shoveling snow, and sweeping your front steps. It will make your home look better and keep your real estate deals from falling through!

Sell Your Home During the Fall and Winter Months

Stage Your Home in a Cozy Way

Buyers love to imagine themselves in a home. You can create that cozy, warm feeling that fall and winter bring by lighting the fireplace, using seasonal scents, and covering your rooms with pillows and blankets before you show your home to potential buyers. 

Sell Your Home During the Fall and Winter Months

Make Your Seasonal Decorations As Simple As Possible

We’re all starting to decorate our homes for the holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah. If you are planning to list your home this holiday season, it may be a good idea to simplify things. Instead of adding large, custom Christmas ornaments, add a few strings of string lights and greenery to the space.

Sell Your Home During the Fall and Winter Months

Ensure the Interior Lighting is Adequate

Lighting can be difficult in fall and winter. The days are shorter and the clouds are often gray and low. This means that it is important to make your home bright and welcoming for potential buyers. This can be done by installing lamps, changing out the light bulbs, opening up your shades, investing into flameless candles, and even painting your walls a lighter, neutral color. This will make sure that winter and fall buyers can see all the beauty in your space.

Sell your Home During the fall and winter months

Put Unnecessary Winter Items Into Storage

The cold winter months inevitably call for heavier clothing such as coats, boots, scarves, and more. It seems easier to just toss all of these extra items by the door when you get home, but it is better to store these items in a safe place during the home selling process. 

Sell your home during the fall and winter months

Inspect Your Heating Systems & Check For Air Leaks

If buyers can feel drafts in the home when it is cold outside, it could indicate that your heating system is not working properly. Before you show your home to potential buyers, take a walk around your house and check your heating unit, your fireplace, and check for air leakage through windows or doors. To keep the chill out, apply weather-stripping and caulk where needed.

Sell your home during fall and winter months

Show Buyers the Beauty of Your Home With Professional Photography

In the wintertime, first-time home buyers may assume that the barren trees and empty flower beds are how your home looks during all times of the year. To counter these thoughts, you can post professional photos of your yard, deck, and home to show potential buyers. This will help them visualize spring and summer living in your space.

Sell Your home during the fall and winter months


Call a reputable real estate agent who understands the top real estate trends near you to get started on the home selling process. They will be able to assist you in making your home absolutely perfect before you show it to potential buyers. 

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