First-Time Home Buyers Advice In Louisiana

First-Time Home Buyers Advice In Louisiana

Advice For First-Time Home Buyers In Louisiana

Whether it be for investment, for rental or personal, there is an obvious increase in house and property buyers in the most recent years. Before running out to make an offer and a purchase that lovely house you saw in that amazing Louisiana neighborhood, there are many considerations to make and things to observe.

For example, one of the most common mistakes made by first-time home buyers is the failure to take rates into consideration. Choosing the best Realtor with low commission, who is knowledgeable with the processes, the market and understands best practices to ensure the highest level of content for clients.

For first-time buyers in Louisiana, the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) offers many assistance programs for a seamless process.


One of the most crucial aspects of your process when ready to buy a home is choosing the right Realtor, a Realtor that can present the best options to fit in your life. It is important to choose an agent that is looking to match you with a home or property that best fits you and not one just looking to make a sale.

To do this effectively, searching should include figuring out the necessary credentials for a Realtor, conduct interviews for potentials, browse current listings and review agent or agency’s online presence before making a decision or entering a contract.

If purchasing in the state of Louisiana, salespersons must obtain a high school diploma or GED, be at least 18 years old, complete 90 hours of education, comply with LREC application procedures & background check, pass a licensing exam and be sponsored by a broker. Even with homeowners looking to sell a home, these requirements are necessary for all Realtors, above being a good fit for your needs.


Whether looking to buy a home or even sell a home, the real estate agent must have knowledge or expertise on the market, processes, and mistakes. Most Realtors will agree that a common first-time buyer mistake is the miscalculation of interest rates and not having enough as down payment.

It is typically recommended to invest at least 20% of the value of the home you’re looking to purchase as down payment. There are loan programs that offer the opportunity to purchase with between 0 – 3.5% as down payment, but many who took this option have since expressed regret.

Most first-time buyers or buyers under the age of 35 agreed that waiting to accumulate a bigger down payment would have been ideal. Discussing the best approach and practices in regards to down payments and overall rates with your Realtor and loan company is paramount.


Another common mistake first-time buyers make while purchasing a home is not considering USDA and FHA loan programs. Buying a home can seem like a scary and lengthy process, but purchasing in a city like New Orleans could potential mean landing in a neighborhood close to rivers and lakes with never ending possibilities of activities and history.

In a state like Louisiana, a program like the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan program gives those with low credit scores the opportunity to purchase with only 3.5% down and a credit score of 580 or higher. The USDA loan program is a buyers assist program that offers mortgage guarantees to lenders looking to fully finance in rural areas.


If looking to purchase in New Orleans, there are Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) first-time home buyers programs such as LHC Choice Conventional program, Market Rate GNMA program, Mortgage Revenue Bond Assisted program, Mortgage Credit Certificate program, Delta 100 program, LHC Home/MRB program and more. There are many options that offer assistance to first-time buyers to ensure an efficient process.


There are countless situations that shock first-time home buyers, but there are also certain steps that can be taken to reduce the effects of the shock. As the thought of owning a home or investing in real estate for the future is very exciting, it is important to take a step back and consider the necessary procedures that will ensure a seamless outcome.

Efforts such as taking time to save at least 20% of the home’s worth, considering and applying for loan programs, finding the perfect Realtor that is knowledgeable and will help with each process; buying, selling, support, or information.


As a first-time buyer, it’s time to make sure a Realtor is fully certified, and realizing that the process is not a race and landing on the perfect fit might take time and hard work. The market is constantly evolving, which makes now the best time to start saving or even browsing potential homes for the future.

pros and cons of home ownership

Pros and Cons of Buying a Home

Pros and Cons of Home-Ownership

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions an individual can make during their lifetime.  When figuring out if you should purchase a home, there are pro’s and con’s of each.  It’s best to consider the advantages of both buying and renting when deciding to occupy a residence. An individual must look at their situation in order to make the right decision regarding their options.

Here are some things to ponder on when considering your option of renting or buying a property.

Advantages of Renting

  • The initial investment to occupy a residence is significantly cheaper than it costs to obtain a mortgage on a property unit.
  • If you are deciding to rent for less than 5 years, you’ll be paying more than if you’d of rented.
  • As a renter, there is limited liability on the property because you don’t own it. The landlord or property manager has to take care of any costly repairs.
  • There’s not property tax that has to be paid annually.
  • Since most leases tend to be short term, renting gives you more flexibility.
  • Renter’s insurance is cheaper because you just have to insure the contents of the property, not the real estate itself.

Advantages of Buying

  • When you buy a home, you’re gaining equity of a period of time. As the mortgage is paid off, the equity increases as well. It’s like you’re putting away money by force.
  • When you buy a home, it becomes a capital gain over time. Many markets are setting records for increases in value. 
  • They buyer has more control over the property.
  • Tax advantages are given to the buyer. $10,000 deductions in property taxes and up to $750,000 of mortgage debt can be itemized for deductions on said property.
  • Your credit rating is positively impacted when mortgage payments are paid in a timely manner.
  • The best one to me, is you’re getting to make your own rules on your own property.
  • When you sell a home, you get the benefits of a capital gains tax break if you’ve lived on the real estate for longer than a year. 
  • In emergency situation, you can take out a second mortgage on your property, buy borrowing from the equity that’s accumulated over a period of time on the house.
  • There is a way to turn you house from a liability to an asset by renting your house out. The easiest way to do this is by renting out part or all of the property for a monthly fee.


The main factor though when making this decision is affordability. Many financial experts suggest buyers to keep their monthly payments to a third or below of their income.  Now I’d like to talk about the disadvantages it comes regarding the topic of renting versus buying.


Disadvantages of Renting a Home

  • There’s not long term commitment associated with renting a property unit.
  • Low to no maintenance and repair costs.
  • Lower initial payment invested to occupy the unit.

Disadvantages of Buying a Home

  • You have to commit longer to the property.
  • You’ll have to maintain maintenance and repair costs.
  • It’s more expensive than renting.
  • The up-front costs of acquiring the property are substantially more than renting.
  • It’s actually considered a liability until you decide to sell a home.


pros and consIn conclusion, when asking is this the best time to buy a home, there are many things to consider.  Buying a home is great when you have the intention of keeping the property for a long period of time. With the tax advantages, security, freedom, equity building and sense of belonging to a community, home ownership is a quest for most Americans. Simply the act of purchasing a home doesn’t in-itself make a good decision.  There are many money saving strategies you should utilize when you purchase a home. 

Owning a home a considered part of the American dream, but it’s becoming an expensive one. In today’s market, people are weighing their options when it comes to renting or buying based of their individual needs.



getting a mortgage

Choosing a Mortgage

How to Choose a Mortgage

In any city of our country can find hundreds of proposals on the provision of mortgage lending, and each potential borrower is trying to choose the most favorable conditions for themselves. Everyone understands that we should not just run to the nearest branch of the bank and try to find the one that has a mortgage on favorable terms, of course, if the developer did not restrict the choice of bank. And for that choice, then do not grieve, you need to thoroughly study the market offers.

When choosing a proposal, you need to pay attention, and then compare the most important measures of mortgage lending. The important parameters can be considered: currency lending, the availability and size of the down payment, the annual interest rate, loan amount and term of the loan, as well as the period for which an application will be considered for credit and which for a mortgage, there are additional costs.

It is also important target market, for which the mortgage loan. This indicator will help to reject most of the proposals. Since many banks that provide mortgage lending services, focused only on one type of housing, or for second homes or for new buildings.

Worth noting that not every bank to agree to issue a mortgage loan for housing under construction. This reluctance to communicate with unprepared housing, makes it necessary to check the developer and the risk of freezing the existing building. At best, the Bank agree to issue a loan to an apartment in the building, has already handed over the state commission.

Currency mortgage lending plays an important role for the borrower and the bank, the fact that the exchange rate is rarely sustainable, and increase the value of foreign currency, of course, increases the amount of the monthly fee. Therefore, it is better to issue ruble-denominated mortgage loans that will not depend on the jumps of the dollar or the euro in the global market.

The presence of an initial payment occurs everywhere, but not every bank it is required. At first glance, the lack of down payment will attract a huge number of people willing to buy housing in the mortgage, but there’s a catch, the fact that mortgage without a down payment, very high interest rate.

The interest rate in each bank is different, and the difference is, at times, can be substantial. When considering the tempting offer of mortgage lending by a bank, you should pay attention not only on the interest rate, but also to the possibility of change. Many banks in the agreements retain the right to increase the interest rate, which may adversely affect the consumer.

The amount and terms of loans in each bank its own, and should this figure be taken seriously. It is necessary to carefully consider whether there is enough amount to be offered, and will arrange a time and term lending of the application. And do not forget about the additional costs associated with insurance and the commission of the sale.


buying a home

Buying a Home

Buying a House

Today, the work of modern man is constantly moving, presentations, meetings, conversations – it takes the lion’s share of this precious time. To fully enjoy all the delights of the modern business world, you begin to appreciate the time, wants more time to spend on myself – to go and workout in the fitness world, want to relax. Tired of the constant hustle, bustle and traffic jams, sometimes you want to leave a violent city life and relax in a quiet, peaceful place. For this reason, the demand for vacation homes is growing every year. But it is also a country house – a profitable investment of money and investing.

Just open the newspaper, we see many types of ads sold a vacation home or buy a vacation home. Accordingly, demand creates supply. Already on the market a huge number of active firms are willing to offer services in buying and selling real estate, and their number is growing every day. Today, find services in real estate, will not be difficult.

It is becoming clear that a person has sufficient funds to buy a house is not a problem, but want assurances of transparency and security of the transaction. But in this rapidly growing market, as the real estate market participants are increasing neglect of law and the rules of competition. If you do not have the experience and knowledge in such a delicate matter as the choice of homes, independent acquisition of suburban real estate market can turn to you a huge problem. Plus, should take into account that there are different types of houses, for example, for living and for recreation in the warm season.

So if you want to buy without any problems quiet, peaceful place where you can relax after a hard day’s work, we recommend that you hire the services of experts in the field of real estate business. They will advise you, help you choose the option that best suits you, will help to evaluate the technical condition of the house: the sewage system, heating system, wiring, and protects the transaction from the various pitfalls.

It is also important to competently evaluate district (for long-term investments), in which you intend to buy a house. The main criteria here is: the distance to the city, road quality, the prestige of the area and its ecological condition. At this point, again, specialists in real estate will help you to soberly assess the area and pick up that suits you on the above criteria. Plus, use the services of professionals to help you save a lot of precious time, which is so lacking in the hectic city life.

the real estate conveyance

The Real Estate Conveyance

The Conveyance

Issues of ownership of land and homes are among the most popular among owners, and among those who are going to purchase the site. Questions about how and why to undergo the process of registration of ownership of land.

In what situations should undergo the process of registration of ownership of land and homes?

Formalize land ownership required in all situations. This is due to the fact that the right to property only after registration with the Federal Registration Service. This applies to both the land and buildings. It could not be either inherited, or buy-sell or donate.

What threat if the situation “leave as is” and does not issue land ownership?

It happens, especially in situations of old cottages and horticultural cooperatives: people currently live, but no evidence (new model), no other documents confirming the ownership of the land, building – nothing. A desire to sell or purchase an inheritance, and understand that they can not do it. You can live and so, not making the right property, but to dispose of the property in such a situation would be impossible.

Which set of documents to be collected, ensure that the area in the property to be possible?

You must collect the following documents:

Documents on the history of the site (who, when, for what purpose, in what the right to allocate, passed lots).
Cadastral plan of the site.
Documents confirming the ownership of the site. in that case, if the owner has died, you have to collect the documents confirming the rights of the heirs (the court’s decision, the paper of a notary, according to how you land was inherited).

What is the procedure of registration of land ownership?

The procedure for registration of the site consists of several stages.

First step: to collect all the “paper” the history of the land and to go with her to the board of horticultural nonprofit partnerships (CHT), the archives of district administration, the organization of which was issued under section CNT (Plant Institute, NGOs, etc.).

The second stage: in the land ward look, whether surveying the land (whether on land cadastre). If not, take it to a specialized organization to prepare the case for land surveying land. Then be handed over to authorities landmark plan and the “history” of land for cadastral registration and receipt of the cadastral plan.

Third step: Must pass the Federal Registration Service the following documents: the cadastre plan, documents on the owner and the “history” of the land. Then you can get a certificate of ownership (or in the case of rental – registered land lease).

What if after the procedure, the actual size of the area measurement is not the same as specified in the existing documents?

There are several solutions:

In the case of land measurement is not made, it simply states that as a result of surveying the land with an area of not 8 acres, and, for example, 8.23 or 7.65 weave weave. Both the old certificate of title is simply replaced with a new one, which indicates refined area.
If the measurement site was made but the cameral way (no field work), then the situation is the same as in the previous case.
If the measurement site was produced cameral way, but in the cadastral plan stated that the survey was conducted, you will, unfortunately, be long and hard to explain to registration facilities, where did the “extra” weave or, conversely, what happened to the missing.

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What rights are acquired after the registration procedure of land ownership will be completed?

After the registration procedure is completed, you get a document certified by the ownership of land or the right long-term lease of the land. After that, you can post them to manage: to sell, pledge, exchange, give, bequeath, etc.

Are there some cases where it is impossible to issue land ownership?

Such cases are few:

land already owned by others.
land defense (not to be privatized).
land of national parks and nature reserves.
land reserved for the federal project.

real estate investing

Real Estate Investing

Investing in Real Estate

In my mind the modern man of money, usually dominate the two main questions: “How to make money,” and if the money is earned, and then a second, “Where to invest money, investments?”

Among all types of investment Property investments are the most popular way to preserve your capital. Compared with other types of financial instruments is Property investments have the appropriate balance of risk and return, which ensures a steady income from a reliable source. The level of profitability of Property investments may fluctuate, but the investor will still receive dividends.

Investing in Property

On the one hand, the investment in Property and income seems paradoxical: housing is aging and at the same time growing in value. Rents also increased with time only. Whatever the risks, whether it be caused by economic or political turmoil, Property is still profitable.

Where to invest money

Investing in Property can be a success and accomplishment, and an unsuccessful move. In the latter case, do not blame the political and economic problems, but mostly it is due to financial illiteracy investor. The process of selecting an object for investment in Property is time consuming and requires strong knowledge in various areas of financial science. When choosing an investment proposal is to use the services of professional companies that are engaged in consulting, with practical investment experience and surely know where to invest your money and investments.

The company BMG Invest GmbH, for many years engaged in Property operations in Germany, have all the necessary resources to find profitable investment objects. We do know where to invest, investment, so that it brings a steady income.

Return on investment in Property

Return on investment in Property today is higher than similar methods multiplying the capital, such as bank deposits, mutual funds. Compared with these financial instruments investing in Property is much more reliable, the investor (eg a resident of Moscow) is more opportunity to control their funds.

It is clear that direct investment in property abroad is associated with a number of “nuisance” associated with the need for continued participation in ownership or control of Property purchased. Specializing in Property investing in Germany, the company BMG Invest GmbH offers customers in Moscow projects with a fairly high level of profitability. German housing, commercial facilities are able to bring to the owners of 7% to 15% per year. Profitable housing works by the investor in the first month after purchase – monthly lease payments generate stable earnings. Learn more about property investment companies .

The level of profitability of Property investments in Germany depends on which region of the country is the object, what are the costs to maintain it. The company BMG Invest GmbH investment proposal for the acquisition of Property in one of the economically developed regions – North Rhine-Westphalia. Almost a third of foreign investments accounted for by this region.

If we talk about the profitability of Property investments in Germany at the moment it is the most attractive for investment in Europe. House prices in Germany, which before the crisis was not very high, are now even lower. Stable economic situation, a constant GDP growth, low inflation – these conditions indicates that the return on Property investments in Germany will only grow.


wooden home

A Wooden Home

About Wooden Homes

With the development of urbanization, more and more people seek at least spend the weekend in the countryside, enjoying the fresh air, beautiful scenery and has become an unusual silence. That’s why recently we are witnessing a real boom in suburban development. Recently, the entire rural property is constructed of wood. This is not surprising when you look at the benefits of wooden houses:

1. The wooden structure is environmentally friendly. The room has always supported optimum moisture content, which effectively affect the comfort of living in it.

2. Wooden walls have low thermal conductivity, which affects not only the heat inside the building, but also to the possibility of building a house with a less thick walls – timber equivalent to 200 mm thick brick wall thickness of 1,000 mm. Among other things, the tree can be repeatedly subjected to sudden temperature changes without destroying the internal structure of the material.

3. Technology building houses from timber otsilindrovanogo and D-shaped timber to avoid cracks and gaps at the joints. Thus, the blowing of wooden walls deleted, and additional insulation (both brick walls) are usually not required.

4. Construction of wooden houses is much less time than building a similar brick or stone buildings.

5. Wooden house requires less massive foundation, rather than a similar building of heavy materials. This significantly reduces the cost of a country house and the additional cost of its construction. In addition, the walls of wooden houses, provided properly installed, are not skewed in the shrinkage of the foundation.

6. The tree is able to breathe, so the indoor air of this material is able to circulate freely. For this reason, in a wooden house cool in summer and warm in winter. Wooden buildings are ideal not only for living but also for sports and recreation.

7. When disposing of wooden buildings and all their elements does not pollute the environment, which generally has a positive effect on her. In any case, all the wooden elements after their failure can be disposed of as ordinary wood.

8. Wooden houses are very resistant to natural disasters (earthquakes and hurricanes), and with proper treatment have high rates of fire.

9. In the wooden frames is easier to carry out electrical wiring, mount the various elements of the gas – and water pipes. Arrange on the surface of the log wall fasteners are also much easier than on concrete or brick.

Besides all these advantages of wooden houses, they are also still very economical. The cost of building a log house on average 40% lower than the cost to build a brick house, so the commercial real estate, made of wood, especially now enjoys great demand.

Wooden houses – it’s stylish, fashionable and very practical, so if you decide to build a house, the choice of materials, stop your choice on wood.

A Skeleton Home

A Skeleton Home

A Pre-Fab Home

– You can build a year-round, as soon as possible on any type of soil, with minimal cost to the device base
– You can build in all regions, including the earthquake and where ground water comes very close to the surface (“on quicksand”)
– You can build arbitrarily complex of architectural design – and at the same meet with a very modest amount
– Can be built without using expensive and bulky equipment – this is especially valuable where the entrance to the building site for any reason is difficult
– Finally, you can build with pleasure! After all, the walls and ceilings are obtained perfectly smooth and easy finish. And all communications are easy to hide behind the inner lining of plasterboard.

So what is this miracle is – frame house? His foundation, the main constituent element, is a wooden frame. Requirements for the materials used for its construction, it is very hard – the tree should be well dried and carefully crafted protective (preventing rotting or insect damage, and fire) means.

The location of individual elements of the framework – the vertical posts, horizontal beams and increase the stiffness of struts – is determined at the stage of architectural drafting. As a general rule, any such project provides the opportunity build on another floor in the future – say, when it will means – frame construction of the building to withstand the additional load.

Between the racks of finished carcass reinforcing sheets of insulation – usually mineral wool. Even with a small thickness of the insulation (the norm – 125mm) in frame house provided comfortable accommodation, even in severe winters – and all due to the fact that the walls are sheathed in addition outside and inside. First frame of a heater tied up with the film, preventing moisture from entering the already erected structure.

Then the outside is sheathed with plywood WBP mark (if the house is finished siding) or water-resistant fiberboard, or (if you intend to continue to plaster the house) – cement-bonded boards. The inner lining is done using MDF. It is important to remember that not all manufacturers produce fiberboard materials are safe for health – if you use low-quality (non-certified, unlawful for use in Russia), adhesives and varnishes – the environment of your home is under threat. Therefore, the choice for the fiberboard sheathing should be given priority – depends on it too much!

It is understood that the inner and outer cladding does not bear any functional load (strength of the building provides an exceptionally frame), so you should not choose a thicker MDF or plywood, thinking that this would increase the reliability of your home. Suffice it to follow the standards, and remember – timber frame houses, despite the speed and ease of erection, are reliable and able to serve at least 70 years old, and in some cases – up to 150!

In an age when mobility is increased many times over such a period of “life” at home is the best. And the price of timber frame houses makes them available not only for the middle class, but for crawling for honeymooners, pensioners, families with many children and other categories of citizens who need social support from the government. Today the square meter house built on frame technology, costs in the sum of 10,000 rubles.

The increase in the price depends on such “frills” as a custom project, expensive interior trim, attic floor, etc. This makes the frame houses of interest to people with different incomes – those with little money, choose a model project of modest one-story house area, and those who can afford something more – erect two storey mansion with an attic that looks absolutely indistinguishable from the brick plastered cottage neighbors, but it stands almost five times cheaper!

choosing a brokerage

Choosing a Real Estate Agency

How to Choose a Real Estate Agency

Operations such as apartments for sale, purchase or rent are in the high risk category, since the real estate market is quite a large number of scams. And without a solid and reliable real estate agency to ensure transparency, accuracy and security of the transaction is problematic. How correctly to choose a reliable real estate agency? Experts have found that a solid real estate company must comply with the following requirements:

1. Long experience.

This question is one of the most important but not essential. The longer the term of the agency’s real estate market, the course better, but young people from the agency with the old reliable agency in no way inferior to the professionalism and reliability. These specialists have a major training school and have a much greater potential in their work. In addition, young agencies need to establish itself in the real estate market, and they work more efficiently, and tend to be more profitable and high quality for the customer. It is also important to pay attention to the office, reputable agency will not be placed in a rented apartment.

2. Reviews and recommendations.

This factor is also quite important. Ask your friends or friends who rented or leased an apartment while seeking help from a real estate agency, and what kind of agency to assist them in resolving this issue. Guest can also look at the pages of the Internet. To many people, these reviews have helped to determine which is the agency they work better.

3. The professionalism of managers.

If a real estate agency to care about their reputation and professionalism, it pays sufficient attention to training their staff. On this depends the reputation and image of the agency, and the number of satisfied customers. Employees must be competent in matters of real estate at the highest level, and combine the professional and human qualities.

4. Equipping the agency.

choosing a brokerIt has long been in the past are the days when agencies to carry the realtors clients in a notebook, and there looking for suitable options. To date, the base has a real estate agency selling pictures and rented apartments. Also, any serious agency has a website on the Internet, which provided all the proposals. On the site, anyone can apply to real estate to lease apartments for rent, lease or purchase of office or to buy an apartment. And it is quite easy and convenient.

5. The range of services a reliable real estate agency.

If the real estate deals not only with the sale of apartments, but also offers rental services, to buy or sell apartments, sharing apartments, country real estate purchase, lease, purchase or sale of commercial real estate and so on, it speaks volumes. That is, the greater the range of services to real estate agents, the better. It will have to say about the professionalism and seriousness of this company.

6. The cost of services.

The cost of services the agency can know in advance, even before you begin to cooperate with him. Do not rely on the private realtors, who for a fee can offer you a list of apartments rented. And those who try to take an advance even before people begin to choose their living space. This is likely to be a hoax. In practice, often in such embodiments, the list is outdated, the telephone numbers will not be able to call or apartment is to be submitted.

The list goes on, but these moments are the most important. Many people are interested in the question of whether to trust the private realtors? Experts were unanimous on this point give an answer, more reliable and safer to apply to real estate. Guided by the above rules you can not go wrong in choosing real estate agents. Only the agency to ensure transparency of the transaction and be able to guarantee security.

what is a mortgage

What is a Mortgage?

Details of a Mortgage

What is a mortgage? Ten or fifteen years ago, the word “mortgage” known only to specialists, but today it has become a part of our lives. But, despite many references, yet many people do not realize what a mortgage or a mortgage. Finding an answer to this question, this is the first purposeful human action to identify and realize their possibilities for purchasing their own homes.

The term “mortgage” comes from the Greek word «Hypotheke», and means – bail. The term “mortgage” came into use at the turn of the VI-VII centuries BC in Greece, when they called the post, which was on the land of the borrower and included the name of the lender and the loan amount. In case the borrower defaults on payment of the debt, “mortgage” entitled the creditor to take part zastolblennuyu land.

So, the mortgage today – is issued by mortgage credit when liens basis of this credit is not transferred to the creditor, and remains the property of the debtor. The mortgaged property under the mortgage imposed a ban on the sale or renewal of it to another person to complete the loan and all interest.

Learn more about available mortgages on

Mortgage loan – a long-term loan, which is mostly given bail following real estate: apartments, house with land, industrial buildings to the ground, the earth. Terms, which you can arrange a mortgage, there are different and depend on the bank and which loan program, the amount of the requested loan, and your ability to pay. The proposed term of the loan mainly from 3 – 5 years, and 15 – 30 years.

Mortgage loans are issued by commercial banks, mortgage banks, credit agencies. Each commercial bank, usually now offers several programs with different mortgage terms and interest rates. But in all cases, if you arrange a mortgage, you will immediately become the owner of the purchased housing, and credit and interest is paid is for the personal, rather than rental housing. When making a mortgage for future construction, homeowners after you get paperwork to enter the house in operation.

On the websites of all banks involved in mortgage lending, there is always a calculator to calculate the amount of the mortgage. In order to calculate the availability of a particular type of mortgage to suit your financial capabilities, ask your accountant, in which you work, the calculation of the size of your income. Only then you can use a calculator.

To choose the best option mortgage, consider proposals from several banks. To all the questions you can consult experts detail the “hot line” or consultants selected bank lending. Compare the suggestions and good luck with your choice.