How to Sell a House

Selling Your Home

You decide to sell your house or land?

Where to start?

1. Need to assess your home or land. You can invite a professional appraiser who will do a detailed analysis and opinion on value.

Rough estimate can be made.

First we need to buy all the latest publications that publish ads suburban real estate. Such as the “Hand in Hand”, “chance”, “Real Estate Bulletin ” will help create a picture of the value of your property. One has only to be patient, to select similar objects placed in your community, compare prices, call us sellers to clarify the characteristics of their country estate, which could affect the price.

If you have a house, by following the year of construction and the percentage of wear, what you need to have a fresh extract from the technical passport at home. If you land, you should consider the degree of attachment to the land (development, communications, landing, etc.). The price of land can be above and below the land value of the site. One of the important aspects to assess is the demand, that is, Offers to buy a house or land and seasonal demand.

You rate your home or land, what’s next …

2. Choosing an advertising campaign of your country real estate. Where to advertise and how to deliver your ad to sell the house and land? Again, turn to the distribution of printed materials such as “Advertising Chance”, “Hand in Hand”, “” And take into account the advancement of suburban real estate buyers who do not acquire kilograms of waste paper with a free ad, and turning to the internet and pick up options on the sites.

Common sites where you can submit free personals “Advertising chance”, “Hand in Hand”, “FLP Line”, which actually can submit a free listing. On many sites, registration is required to supply a free ad. To “FLP Line” registration is not required, but is provided to you after the announcement it would add, edit, add photos of your home. From a one-time filing declaration of the result you will not live to see. Need delivery system property adverts.

Ads you file!

3. We are waiting for calls! There may be many and at any time. If the calls do not, then look you see above, something you did wrong.

What you need to know about the house and the land, you will be sure to ask about it when you call:

  • – A framed house and property on land, there are documents to prove ownership (certificate of ownership of the house and land)?
  • – How many owners?
  • – Conducted survey of land?
  • – Are the documents to sell the house and land?

There may be other questions about the documents, and the characteristics of the house and land. Be prepared!

4. Show house and plot. If you live in a house to sell, you will be able to show at any time. More difficult if you have to go. Featuring house, be sure to pay attention to potential customers all the advantages and disadvantages of home. Buyer to find significant deficiencies home has the ability to advance unspecified according st.475 Civil Code commensurate reduction of the purchase price, free elimination of defects in the goods within a reasonable time, reimbursement of their expenses to eliminate product defects.

Learn more how to Sell my home with House Network.

5. Buyer is willing to buy your house and land! Preparing documents for sale. Deal can be done with a notary and register FRS or in writing (which is much cheaper) and also register in FRS. Recommend to read the part of the legal registration of the contract of sale, registration of a contract of sale with the FRS, the effects of the transaction by reading chapter 30 of Part II of the Civil Code.

6. Safety of the sale! On the safety of the transaction you need to think in advance. Fraud in the real estate lot, cheat and sellers, knowing that you have the cash and the buyers can do it at any stage of the transaction. In order not to get in a trouble, and the buyer and seller are not too lazy to consult a lawyer. More secure and reliable option of selling homes with land, with legal order in the estate agency.

They organize the review and preparation of documents, they will order the contract of sale of the house with the land and organize a safe in a bank account in the FRS RF. When the transaction price several hundred thousand or even millions of the risk is not worth it. Seek professional!

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