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About Wooden Homes

With the development of urbanization, more and more people seek at least spend the weekend in the countryside, enjoying the fresh air, beautiful scenery and has become an unusual silence. That’s why recently we are witnessing a real boom in suburban development. Recently, the entire rural property is constructed of wood. This is not surprising when you look at the benefits of wooden houses:

1. The wooden structure is environmentally friendly. The room has always supported optimum moisture content, which effectively affect the comfort of living in it.

2. Wooden walls have low thermal conductivity, which affects not only the heat inside the building, but also to the possibility of building a house with a less thick walls – timber equivalent to 200 mm thick brick wall thickness of 1,000 mm. Among other things, the tree can be repeatedly subjected to sudden temperature changes without destroying the internal structure of the material.

3. Technology building houses from timber otsilindrovanogo and D-shaped timber to avoid cracks and gaps at the joints. Thus, the blowing of wooden walls deleted, and additional insulation (both brick walls) are usually not required.

4. Construction of wooden houses is much less time than building a similar brick or stone buildings.

5. Wooden house requires less massive foundation, rather than a similar building of heavy materials. This significantly reduces the cost of a country house and the additional cost of its construction. In addition, the walls of wooden houses, provided properly installed, are not skewed in the shrinkage of the foundation.

6. The tree is able to breathe, so the indoor air of this material is able to circulate freely. For this reason, in a wooden house cool in summer and warm in winter. Wooden buildings are ideal not only for living but also for sports and recreation.

7. When disposing of wooden buildings and all their elements does not pollute the environment, which generally has a positive effect on her. In any case, all the wooden elements after their failure can be disposed of as ordinary wood.

8. Wooden houses are very resistant to natural disasters (earthquakes and hurricanes), and with proper treatment have high rates of fire.

9. In the wooden frames is easier to carry out electrical wiring, mount the various elements of the gas – and water pipes. Arrange on the surface of the log wall fasteners are also much easier than on concrete or brick.

Besides all these advantages of wooden houses, they are also still very economical. The cost of building a log house on average 40% lower than the cost to build a brick house, so the commercial real estate, made of wood, especially now enjoys great demand.

Wooden houses – it’s stylish, fashionable and very practical, so if you decide to build a house, the choice of materials, stop your choice on wood.

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