Getting Rid of Black Mold

Black Mold

Do you have a black mold on the walls, in the bathroom, or basement? You ask yourself questions like “How to remove mold, how to fight it than to bring the fungus?” Please contact roofer911, we will destroy the mold in your home, office, warehouse or a country house, having the necessary mycological examination will establish the input/output control for mycological indicators for the food industry, we remove the fungus from the paintings and antiques with subsequent restoration, check the building materials on plesneustoychivost and more.

Roofer911 company operates in a narrow segment, we will solve all the issues related to mold and mildew, starting with the work for the removal of mold from the selection of the most effective means for every occasion and repair turnkey finishing using special materials.

Pick a Professional

Narrow specialization allows us to be professionals. Special attention udilyaem quality control at every stage of the work performed. We also use unique equipment that allows: strip and mill walls and ceilings are free of dust, which is especially important for museums and apartments with an expensive repair, removal of non-contact of fungus with the removal of paint on large areas in a short time, for interior video endoscopic examinations to detect biodegradation centers of ceilings and drywall for without dismantling. We will be glad to help you to handle mold issues.

At the first appearance of fungus, we recommend you to turn to professionals. Since prolonged exposure to an infected area leads to serious consequences for people, even death.

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