wooden home

A Wooden Home

About Wooden Homes

With the development of urbanization, more and more people seek at least spend the weekend in the countryside, enjoying the fresh air, beautiful scenery and has become an unusual silence. That’s why recently we are witnessing a real boom in suburban development. Recently, the entire rural property is constructed of wood. This is not surprising when you look at the benefits of wooden houses:

1. The wooden structure is environmentally friendly. The room has always supported optimum moisture content, which effectively affect the comfort of living in it.

2. Wooden walls have low thermal conductivity, which affects not only the heat inside the building, but also to the possibility of building a house with a less thick walls – timber equivalent to 200 mm thick brick wall thickness of 1,000 mm. Among other things, the tree can be repeatedly subjected to sudden temperature changes without destroying the internal structure of the material.

3. Technology building houses from timber otsilindrovanogo and D-shaped timber to avoid cracks and gaps at the joints. Thus, the blowing of wooden walls deleted, and additional insulation (both brick walls) are usually not required.

4. Construction of wooden houses is much less time than building a similar brick or stone buildings.

5. Wooden house requires less massive foundation, rather than a similar building of heavy materials. This significantly reduces the cost of a country house and the additional cost of its construction. In addition, the walls of wooden houses, provided properly installed, are not skewed in the shrinkage of the foundation.

6. The tree is able to breathe, so the indoor air of this material is able to circulate freely. For this reason, in a wooden house cool in summer and warm in winter. Wooden buildings are ideal not only for living but also for sports and recreation.

7. When disposing of wooden buildings and all their elements does not pollute the environment, which generally has a positive effect on her. In any case, all the wooden elements after their failure can be disposed of as ordinary wood.

8. Wooden houses are very resistant to natural disasters (earthquakes and hurricanes), and with proper treatment have high rates of fire.

9. In the wooden frames is easier to carry out electrical wiring, mount the various elements of the gas – and water pipes. Arrange on the surface of the log wall fasteners are also much easier than on concrete or brick.

Besides all these advantages of wooden houses, they are also still very economical. The cost of building a log house on average 40% lower than the cost to build a brick house, so the commercial real estate, made of wood, especially now enjoys great demand.

Wooden houses – it’s stylish, fashionable and very practical, so if you decide to build a house, the choice of materials, stop your choice on wood.

A Skeleton Home

A Skeleton Home

A Pre-Fab Home

– You can build a year-round, as soon as possible on any type of soil, with minimal cost to the device base
– You can build in all regions, including the earthquake and where ground water comes very close to the surface (“on quicksand”)
– You can build arbitrarily complex of architectural design – and at the same meet with a very modest amount
– Can be built without using expensive and bulky equipment – this is especially valuable where the entrance to the building site for any reason is difficult
– Finally, you can build with pleasure! After all, the walls and ceilings are obtained perfectly smooth and easy finish. And all communications are easy to hide behind the inner lining of plasterboard.

So what is this miracle is – frame house? His foundation, the main constituent element, is a wooden frame. Requirements for the materials used for its construction, it is very hard – the tree should be well dried and carefully crafted protective (preventing rotting or insect damage, and fire) means.

The location of individual elements of the framework – the vertical posts, horizontal beams and increase the stiffness of struts – is determined at the stage of architectural drafting. As a general rule, any such project provides the opportunity build on another floor in the future – say, when it will means – frame construction of the building to withstand the additional load.

Between the racks of finished carcass reinforcing sheets of insulation – usually mineral wool. Even with a small thickness of the insulation (the norm – 125mm) in frame house provided comfortable accommodation, even in severe winters – and all due to the fact that the walls are sheathed in addition outside and inside. First frame of a heater tied up with the film, preventing moisture from entering the already erected structure.

Then the outside is sheathed with plywood WBP mark (if the house is finished siding) or water-resistant fiberboard, or (if you intend to continue to plaster the house) – cement-bonded boards. The inner lining is done using MDF. It is important to remember that not all manufacturers produce fiberboard materials are safe for health – if you use low-quality (non-certified, unlawful for use in Russia), adhesives and varnishes – the environment of your home is under threat. Therefore, the choice for the fiberboard sheathing should be given priority – depends on it too much!

It is understood that the inner and outer cladding does not bear any functional load (strength of the building provides an exceptionally frame), so you should not choose a thicker MDF or plywood, thinking that this would increase the reliability of your home. Suffice it to follow the standards, and remember – timber frame houses, despite the speed and ease of erection, are reliable and able to serve at least 70 years old, and in some cases – up to 150!

In an age when mobility is increased many times over such a period of “life” at home is the best. And the price of timber frame houses makes them available not only for the middle class, but for crawling for honeymooners, pensioners, families with many children and other categories of citizens who need social support from the government. Today the square meter house built on frame technology, costs in the sum of 10,000 rubles.

The increase in the price depends on such “frills” as a custom project, expensive interior trim, attic floor, etc. This makes the frame houses of interest to people with different incomes – those with little money, choose a model project of modest one-story house area, and those who can afford something more – erect two storey mansion with an attic that looks absolutely indistinguishable from the brick plastered cottage neighbors, but it stands almost five times cheaper!

choosing a brokerage

Choosing a Real Estate Agency

How to Choose a Real Estate Agency

Operations such as apartments for sale, purchase or rent are in the high risk category, since the real estate market is quite a large number of scams. And without a solid and reliable real estate agency to ensure transparency, accuracy and security of the transaction is problematic. How correctly to choose a reliable real estate agency? Experts have found that a solid real estate company must comply with the following requirements:

1. Long experience.

This question is one of the most important but not essential. The longer the term of the agency’s real estate market, the course better, but young people from the agency with the old reliable agency in no way inferior to the professionalism and reliability. These specialists have a major training school and have a much greater potential in their work. In addition, young agencies need to establish itself in the real estate market, and they work more efficiently, and tend to be more profitable and high quality for the customer. It is also important to pay attention to the office, reputable agency will not be placed in a rented apartment.

2. Reviews and recommendations.

This factor is also quite important. Ask your friends or friends who rented or leased an apartment while seeking help from a real estate agency, and what kind of agency to assist them in resolving this issue. Guest can also look at the pages of the Internet. To many people, these reviews have helped to determine which is the agency they work better.

3. The professionalism of managers.

If a real estate agency to care about their reputation and professionalism, it pays sufficient attention to training their staff. On this depends the reputation and image of the agency, and the number of satisfied customers. Employees must be competent in matters of real estate at the highest level, and combine the professional and human qualities.

4. Equipping the agency.

choosing a brokerIt has long been in the past are the days when agencies to carry the realtors clients in a notebook, and there looking for suitable options. To date, the base has a real estate agency selling pictures and rented apartments. Also, any serious agency has a website on the Internet, which provided all the proposals. On the site, anyone can apply to real estate to lease apartments for rent, lease or purchase of office or to buy an apartment. And it is quite easy and convenient.

5. The range of services a reliable real estate agency.

If the real estate deals not only with the sale of apartments, but also offers rental services, to buy or sell apartments, sharing apartments, country real estate purchase, lease, purchase or sale of commercial real estate and so on, it speaks volumes. That is, the greater the range of services to real estate agents, the better. It will have to say about the professionalism and seriousness of this company.

6. The cost of services.

The cost of services the agency can know in advance, even before you begin to cooperate with him. Do not rely on the private realtors, who for a fee can offer you a list of apartments rented. And those who try to take an advance even before people begin to choose their living space. This is likely to be a hoax. In practice, often in such embodiments, the list is outdated, the telephone numbers will not be able to call or apartment is to be submitted.

The list goes on, but these moments are the most important. Many people are interested in the question of whether to trust the private realtors? Experts were unanimous on this point give an answer, more reliable and safer to apply to real estate. Guided by the above rules you can not go wrong in choosing real estate agents. Only the agency to ensure transparency of the transaction and be able to guarantee security.

what is a mortgage

What is a Mortgage?

Details of a Mortgage

What is a mortgage? Ten or fifteen years ago, the word “mortgage” known only to specialists, but today it has become a part of our lives. But, despite many references, yet many people do not realize what a mortgage or a mortgage. Finding an answer to this question, this is the first purposeful human action to identify and realize their possibilities for purchasing their own homes.

The term “mortgage” comes from the Greek word «Hypotheke», and means – bail. The term “mortgage” came into use at the turn of the VI-VII centuries BC in Greece, when they called the post, which was on the land of the borrower and included the name of the lender and the loan amount. In case the borrower defaults on payment of the debt, “mortgage” entitled the creditor to take part zastolblennuyu land.

So, the mortgage today – is issued by mortgage credit when liens basis of this credit is not transferred to the creditor, and remains the property of the debtor. The mortgaged property under the mortgage imposed a ban on the sale or renewal of it to another person to complete the loan and all interest.

Learn more about available mortgages on

Mortgage loan – a long-term loan, which is mostly given bail following real estate: apartments, house with land, industrial buildings to the ground, the earth. Terms, which you can arrange a mortgage, there are different and depend on the bank and which loan program, the amount of the requested loan, and your ability to pay. The proposed term of the loan mainly from 3 – 5 years, and 15 – 30 years.

Mortgage loans are issued by commercial banks, mortgage banks, credit agencies. Each commercial bank, usually now offers several programs with different mortgage terms and interest rates. But in all cases, if you arrange a mortgage, you will immediately become the owner of the purchased housing, and credit and interest is paid is for the personal, rather than rental housing. When making a mortgage for future construction, homeowners after you get paperwork to enter the house in operation.

On the websites of all banks involved in mortgage lending, there is always a calculator to calculate the amount of the mortgage. In order to calculate the availability of a particular type of mortgage to suit your financial capabilities, ask your accountant, in which you work, the calculation of the size of your income. Only then you can use a calculator.

To choose the best option mortgage, consider proposals from several banks. To all the questions you can consult experts detail the “hot line” or consultants selected bank lending. Compare the suggestions and good luck with your choice.


thinking about selling your house

How to Sell a House

Selling Your Home

You decide to sell your house or land?

Where to start?

1. Need to assess your home or land. You can invite a professional appraiser who will do a detailed analysis and opinion on value.

Rough estimate can be made.

First we need to buy all the latest publications that publish ads suburban real estate. Such as the “Hand in Hand”, “chance”, “Real Estate Bulletin ” will help create a picture of the value of your property. One has only to be patient, to select similar objects placed in your community, compare prices, call us sellers to clarify the characteristics of their country estate, which could affect the price.

If you have a house, by following the year of construction and the percentage of wear, what you need to have a fresh extract from the technical passport at home. If you land, you should consider the degree of attachment to the land (development, communications, landing, etc.). The price of land can be above and below the land value of the site. One of the important aspects to assess is the demand, that is, Offers to buy a house or land and seasonal demand.

You rate your home or land, what’s next …

2. Choosing an advertising campaign of your country real estate. Where to advertise and how to deliver your ad to sell the house and land? Again, turn to the distribution of printed materials such as “Advertising Chance”, “Hand in Hand”, “BN.ru.” And take into account the advancement of suburban real estate buyers who do not acquire kilograms of waste paper with a free ad, and turning to the internet and pick up options on the sites.

Common sites where you can submit free personals “Advertising chance”, “Hand in Hand”, “FLP Line”, which actually can submit a free listing. On many sites, registration is required to supply a free ad. To “FLP Line” registration is not required, but is provided to you after the announcement it would add, edit, add photos of your home. From a one-time filing declaration of the result you will not live to see. Need delivery system property adverts.

Ads you file!

3. We are waiting for calls! There may be many and at any time. If the calls do not, then look you see above, something you did wrong.

What you need to know about the house and the land, you will be sure to ask about it when you call:

  • – A framed house and property on land, there are documents to prove ownership (certificate of ownership of the house and land)?
  • – How many owners?
  • – Conducted survey of land?
  • – Are the documents to sell the house and land?

There may be other questions about the documents, and the characteristics of the house and land. Be prepared!

4. Show house and plot. If you live in a house to sell, you will be able to show at any time. More difficult if you have to go. Featuring house, be sure to pay attention to potential customers all the advantages and disadvantages of home. Buyer to find significant deficiencies home has the ability to advance unspecified according st.475 Civil Code commensurate reduction of the purchase price, free elimination of defects in the goods within a reasonable time, reimbursement of their expenses to eliminate product defects.

Learn more how to Sell my home with House Network.

5. Buyer is willing to buy your house and land! Preparing documents for sale. Deal can be done with a notary and register FRS or in writing (which is much cheaper) and also register in FRS. Recommend to read the part of the legal registration of the contract of sale, registration of a contract of sale with the FRS, the effects of the transaction by reading chapter 30 of Part II of the Civil Code.

6. Safety of the sale! On the safety of the transaction you need to think in advance. Fraud in the real estate lot, cheat and sellers, knowing that you have the cash and the buyers can do it at any stage of the transaction. In order not to get in a trouble, and the buyer and seller are not too lazy to consult a lawyer. More secure and reliable option of selling homes with land, with legal order in the estate agency.

They organize the review and preparation of documents, they will order the contract of sale of the house with the land and organize a safe in a bank account in the FRS RF. When the transaction price several hundred thousand or even millions of the risk is not worth it. Seek professional!

your roof

Roof – The Key Element of a Home

Your Roof

It provides protection for both home and its occupants from rain, snow and wind. It largely determines the appearance of the building. On the reliability and durability of the roof just the durability of the building. If the house is cracked wall – live in the house you can, if the house is the roof leaks, life becomes a nightmare.

Add to that the loss of heat through the roofs of houses, which make up 30% of total heat loss of the house. Your money, it turns out, not only fly in the pipe. They leak and through the roof. Warm air is known, rises up, and cooled under cold roof falls in your bedroom.

From our vocabulary gradually leaves the word ‘loft’. He was replaced by a mansard roof. Such a device is allowed to convert non-residential roof attic into living space. Effective area of ??the house was added, but with it was added, and headache. Not abstract, but concrete. It is easy to cause the drumming of raindrops on the metal roof.

Details about your roof
Details about your roof

Do not rush to run for nurofenom. Headache in this case, is much safer to treat other drugs. His name – soundproofing. Not a very high quality projects on roofs insulation prefer to remain silent. In vain, dear architect, to no avail. The roof of the house is not a garage roof. And this architect must know when choosing a roofing or covering roofs.

I hope you already understand why experienced architects for the project roof area of special attention. A contractor for the construction of the roof has always been and remains one of the most important tasks in the construction of houses.

For more information on the subject visit Chantilly, VA roof repair.

black mold

Getting Rid of Black Mold

Black Mold

Do you have a black mold on the walls, in the bathroom, or basement? You ask yourself questions like “How to remove mold, how to fight it than to bring the fungus?” Please contact roofer911, we will destroy the mold in your home, office, warehouse or a country house, having the necessary mycological examination will establish the input/output control for mycological indicators for the food industry, we remove the fungus from the paintings and antiques with subsequent restoration, check the building materials on plesneustoychivost and more.

Roofer911 company operates in a narrow segment, we will solve all the issues related to mold and mildew, starting with the work for the removal of mold from the selection of the most effective means for every occasion and repair turnkey finishing using special materials.

Pick a Professional

Narrow specialization allows us to be professionals. Special attention udilyaem quality control at every stage of the work performed. We also use unique equipment that allows: strip and mill walls and ceilings are free of dust, which is especially important for museums and apartments with an expensive repair, removal of non-contact of fungus with the removal of paint on large areas in a short time, for interior video endoscopic examinations to detect biodegradation centers of ceilings and drywall for without dismantling. We will be glad to help you to handle mold issues.

At the first appearance of fungus, we recommend you to turn to professionals. Since prolonged exposure to an infected area leads to serious consequences for people, even death.

Apartments and Cottages

Increasingly today, we hear about the global economic crisis. And more and more every man in the street thinks about the safety of their assets and savings, no matter where they are in a Swiss bank account or home, sewn into the mattress.

At the same time everyone knows the immutable truth of the modern economic world: money, that do not work too early or too late to depreciate. But we interpret and make conclusions, we are different. Someone investing their hard earned money in pyramid schemes and dubious trusts, then the rest of his life regretted that the only wrong decision, which could easily lead to bankruptcy, someone opens up their own business, which is also in the context of current events that might be a bad idea.

The Price

Almost every product is unpredictable in terms of pricing today oil can be sold at exorbitant prices, and tomorrow it is generally not worth it to buy it. In this sense, the property – one of the famous market, where prices do not undergo significant fluctuations in the short term. In addition, the sale of apartments has always enjoyed constant popularity: the population of any country always needs a new living space for arranging their children’s life or to change the old dilapidated houses in the new building. Based on a popular form stable high prices for real estate, including rental housing, the price of which is due to the cost of apartments on the market.

Location, Location, Location

But even for the segment of the population, which is fully secured lodgings in the major cities there is a desire to acquire additional properties. However, here the views of ordinary people disagree: some people prefer to buy land and build a vacation home of your dreams on his own plan, while others want to buy a cottage and move into a ready room, enjoying the delights of nature and the lack of proximity to city life and gassed. But regardless of how the inhabitant is a suburban real estate of your dreams, the basic fact is the very existence of such a commitment, which raises the popularity of the real estate market and gives it the diversity and expanding area of ​​interest.

In fact, such a stable population and a broad interest in the products of the real estate market is the most reliable basis for strengthening the position of the market. After all, in fact, the price of any product or service is determined not by some mythical individuals in the highest circles of the economic elite, and every man in the street, which now pays money for the purchase of a commodity, and tomorrow he refuses, creating an unfavorable popularity and last, As a result, lowering its price. Of course, this is not the only lever for the economy, but one of the most important and weighty.

Summarizing all the above ideas can be concluded that the real estate market is the most trustworthy for investments and financial expectations, even in times of global economic crises. We can not say that the price of the real estate market never falling, but in comparison with all other goods and services, real estate categorically wins.

getting a mortgage for your new home

Getting a Mortgage

Securing a Mortgage

So how do you get an apartment for a long time, it is necessary to protect yourself and all your loved ones from unforeseen situations. You must insure that apartment that you purchase on credit. And that is why when a loan you must insure your apartment. After all, the weight of life contingencies. For example, a house can burn, and apartment come into disrepair.

Also, the bank requires a purity of legal transaction. After all, if some distant relatives of your salespeople will encroach on your property, the insurance company is obliged to reimburse the bank. Also, in order to secure your mortgage, you must insure the person to whom it is issued.

Repayment of the Loan

After all, if the payer is unable to work, and will not be able to repay the loan, the entire family will be able to evict from this shelter. That’s insure yourself, you will avoid such an unpleasant fate, and even if something happens to you, the costs incurred by this insurance company that you have insured their lives. It may be partial contributions if you suddenly fall ill for a certain amount of time. It is necessary to maximize safety to worry about yourself.


Getting a good deal on your mortgage can make more of a difference than the price of the home.

In general, insurance is now a prerequisite for obtaining a mortgage loan. It happens when the client even before the desire to take a mortgage, insure your life in one of the insurance companies. But the insurer to change its new does not want to. In this case, he needs to find a financial institution, where his choice of SC will treat with understanding. After all, the bank credited you may already have a partner company.

Personally selected and prices of different insurance risks. As usual, the rate of insurance home hovers around 0.3-0.5% of the amount of insurance. The final size of it depends on many factors. These include, inter alia, include the condition of the house, its technical performance, and others.

In turn, life insurance and disability client as unique. On average, changes are recorded at the level of 0.3-1.5%. Influencing factors are the age of the borrower, his professional activities, health, etc. In some cases, banking institutions insist on applying for insurance for the co-borrower. This occurs if the consideration of the application are taken into account his income.

brick homes

Brick Homes

Brick House – without a doubt is one of the most solid and durable houses. Building a house of bricks valued for its beauty and depth, so the brick house will stand more than one hundred years. In-built brick house will live happily ever after, not only you and your children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren with.

Build a wall of brick houses, usually in the form of solid masonry, which may be supplemented by additional and different parts, such as natural stone, wood, bricks of different textures and shades.

Prices of Brick Homes

Although in modern times and there are, the new, as the more expensive and inexpensive construction materials for building houses and building technologies become more sophisticated, the traditional construction of brick houses still valued.

Brick house, during its construction, can bring to life, literally any constructive solutions.

The reason for this is the long-established system of production of bricks, as well as some design features of the brick by brick you can implement almost any constructive suggestions of Architects, if you decide to build a brick house. Important role in the construction of a brick house and has the prestige, which are the owners who built the brick house for himself, because this building material will always be respected and popular!

Brick house, as a rule – are practical and durable, aesthetically they are beautiful.

What all of us and to you, including the so-brick house like? Why did many, the choice of building materials when building a house is purchased a brick?

In the first place, and this no one would argue, a brick as a building material, has high strength, moisture absorption and durability during its operation. However, to ensure that when building a house, to reach more of the best options for durability and strength at home, building brick houses requires strict adherence to building construction rules and regulations, and compliance technology for laying bricks.

In the second place, brick, as a natural building material has excellent insulating qualities, it is natural due to its structure and material used in the manufacture of bricks. In addition to these characteristics, the brick house still meet all current requirements for fire safety.

The walls are brick houses, in contrast, from the wooden houses do not rot and shrinkage. There is a significant plus brick house – they feature a unique climate, in hot weather in summer, as in a brick house remains cool, and in winter warm.

Are there any disadvantages to a brick house? Yes there is – is the high cost of the construction, the complexity of laying bricks.

Construction of a brick house, is not recommended in cold seasons, especially in sub-zero temperatures, as well as during heavy rains.

Due to weather conditions the construction of a brick building, is often suspended, which means building a house, spread over an indefinite period, and therefore, may increase and the final cost of a brick house, with its construction.

Despite the considerable cost, brick houses have always enjoyed, and hopefully will enjoy the same popularity